Episode 139: Amicis Social Media, Bose Woes & Shocking Narrator News

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

Brace yourselves for another hour of tech news & views in this week’s Double Tap Canada. With the upcoming release of a new social media platform just for people with disabilities, should Amicis be seen as a great resource for help and information or does it do more to separate us from the mainstream?

In some shocking news, Steven Scott has been using nothing but Microsoft Narrator as his Windows screen reader for a few days and, at least so far, he doesn’t miss Jaws. Could it be possible that Narrator has improved so much that it could even be considered a replacement for Jaws?

Tim gets quite a shock himself with the news that Bose are cancelling all work on their augmented reality apps for the Bose AR Frames. With some store closures and job losses, could this mean the end for the popular Bose AR Frames?

Finally, we take a look at some of the rumors surrounding the imminent WWDC event, including Apples possible move to using ARM processors. This will allow for thinner, sleeker hardware and more regular updates, but what about software compatibility?