Episode 136: Apple Glass Leaks, New Smart Cane Option & LED Light Love

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

This week’s Double Tap kicks off with Steven telling us all about his new home studio and his new love for LED light strips. But, just as with his big screen TV, surely, there can be no reason for a visually impaired person to care about smart lighting, or is there?

Next, Steven invites us all to play his exciting new game, “What’s in The Box”. Yes, he’s been buying again, this time it’s a new iPad Pro 11, but did he go all in and get the touchpad enabled Magic keyboard too?

It’s then on to a discussion of the recent rumours regarding the much-anticipated smart glasses from Apple. With no built-in speakers and no camera, is there anything here of interest, or use, to the visually impaired? And why does Shaun want them to be more expensive?

Tim then tells us of a new version of the WeWalk smart cane that is available for pre-order. The WeWalk special edition promises to be more durable and offer more features. But are the team yet convinced of the benefits of smart tech when it comes to mobility.

The show wraps up with a High Speed How To on removing programs in Windows and a strange insight into Stevens childhood…