Episode 134: The Future of Specialized Tech, Echo Buds & iOS Accessibility

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

In this episode of Double Tap Canada, Steven & Tim are joined by Shelly Brisbin to take a look at what’s new in tech this week. The show kicks off with a possibly controversial question, just what is the future for specialized tech? Does the high price of these devices and improved accessibility in mainstream tech mean that hardware such as video magnifiers or CCTV etc just won’t survive in the long-term?

Next up, Robin Christopherson from AbilityNet demos the Amazon Echo Buds. Does having the Alexa voice assistant always at hand, or should that be ear, make these the must have wireless ear buds?

It’s then on to iOS 14 and possible, or hoped for, accessibility features. An easy way to save and transfer your accessibility settings between devices is on the wish list for Shelly, and will Apple finally be making the home screen more customisable?

The show wraps up with a quick look at the recent hardware released by Microsoft, but although the Surface Go looks like an interesting device, will Steven be able to get past his anger over the ‘missing Insert key’?