Episode 117: Self Driving Toasters, FlickType & Windows 7

Episode 133: Hands On With The New iPhone SE, Pixel 4A Rumors & Keeping Track Of iOS 13.5

Marc Aflalo joins Shaun & Steven on this weeks Double Tap Canada to explain just why he missed CES2020, but Steven also has some explaining to do himself when Marc looks at his credit card bill.

The show kicks off with a discussion around self-driving cars at CES2020 and why Steven wasn’t allowed to touch them. With the technology needed for truly autonomous cars seemingly ready for use, Shaun asks why we are still seeing so many concept cars at tech shows rather than actual production models.

Next it’s on to the news that the popular iOS typing app FlickType has dropped its subscription model in favour of a one-off payment of $2.99. Everyone seems happy with this change, so why does Shaun have concerns?

Finally, the team take a look at Microsoft dropping support for Windows 7 and what this actually means for those of us that still use it.