Episode 114: Our Favourite Tech Of 2019

Episode 133: Hands On With The New iPhone SE, Pixel 4A Rumors & Keeping Track Of iOS 13.5

With tales of chicken fried rice for Christmas dinner, a cardboard box with fairy lights as a Christmas tree and no presents, it could only be Christmas at Double Tap Canada.

In this episode the team take a look at their favourite tech of the last year. Shaun starts with the reason why, despite his new iPhone 11, he’s not leaving Android behind.
Next, Tim explains why he loves the Bose AR Frames. These sunglasses with built-in Bluetooth speakers and the ability to track which way you are facing, not only sound good but could have far more practical uses for us as visually impaired people. But Shaun is certain they won’t make museums any less boring.

Finally, Steven shares how he manages his stress with the Calm app. Making it easy to take a little time out during the day or by helping you drift off to sleep easily. He’s found the app has really made a difference, but his thoughts on his new Amazon Echo Studio speakers soon have him ranting again…