Episode 110: Carrots, Sticks & Salsa

Episode 133: Hands On With The New iPhone SE, Pixel 4A Rumors & Keeping Track Of iOS 13.5

Double Tap Canada looks at the topic of online accessibility this week specifically weather it’s better to force companies to make their services accessible through regulations or simply by educating them to the benefits of having a service which is accessible to all.

But, before the serious discussion, Shaun & Steven talk about just what they’ve bought this week and try to find out when Black Friday actually starts.

We have 2 interviews this week from the TechShare Pro 2019 event regarding web accessibility. First, we hear from Malin Rygg, Head of Authority for Universal Design of ICT in Norway who explains how
Norway checks on websites to make sure they are accessible and will impose fines if they’re not and secondly, from Stuart Seaborn, Managing Director of Litigation at Disability Rights Advocates, who gives his thoughts on how things are handled in the US.

After Steven, once again, proudly tells us of his chicken spoon achievement, we have an interview with Haben Girma who is the first Deaf / Blind person to get a Law degree from Harvard. She tells us of her work at Lenovo as the Accessibility and Inclusion Advisor and the importance of braille