Double Tap TV’s Preview of Apple WWDC 2023: iPhone 14 Features, Software & Accessibility

Double Tap TV’s Preview of Apple WWDC 2023: iPhone 14 Features, Software & Accessibility

In this episode of DoubleTap TV, hosts Marc Aflalo and Steven Scott invite Patrick O’Rourke, editor of MobileSyrup, for a discussion on the upcoming Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023. The conversation revolves around the evolution of smartphones, with emphasis on how software has become a significant differentiator among devices. They preview the anticipated offerings from Apple at the WWDC, addressing the lack of major updates expected for iOS 17, and the increased focus on stability over new features. They also reflect on the challenges of maintaining reader engagement in the tech sector, due to the maturity of the hardware and software markets. Accessibility within tech, although not regularly covered in mainstream tech press, is recognized as a crucial area of growth.

13:22 – Discussion on the state of software overpowering hardware, with emphasis on Apple’s ecosystem and how modern smartphones have become notably good due to software enhancements.

14:35 – Conversation on keeping readers interested amid the technological maturity of hardware and software. Patrick talks about expanding MobileSyrup’s coverage to keep readers engaged, including gaming, apps, and streaming.

15:52 – Patrick expresses excitement over iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island feature, highlighting it as a key feature that generated reader interest.

16:36 – Patrick addresses reader feedback surprises, explaining the balance of crafting stories for a core tech-savvy audience versus a more general audience that might need guidance for simpler tech tasks.

18:26 – The topic of accessibility is brought up, noting the growth and importance of this area in technology. They acknowledge the need for more regular coverage on this topic in mainstream tech press.

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