Double Tap TV – The new Apple Watch Series 6 is Here (Season 3, Episode 9)

Double Tap TV – The new Apple Watch Series 6 is Here (Season 3, Episode 9)

In this episode of Double Tap TV, Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo discuss the Apple Watch series 6 and the usefulness of the Apple Watch in general. The hosts talk about how the watch is fully accessible and easy to use, and how it can be useful for communication and health tracking. They also discuss some of the downsides of the watch, such as the difficulty of texting on it.

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Double Tap TV is a weekly television show that covers all aspects of accessible and consumer technology. From the latest smartphones, tablets and TV’s to the most specialized tools that empower people with all types of disabilities – Double Tap TV covers it all. Every week hosts Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo interview key people in the tech world and discuss their roles. The show features accessible tech tips, hands-on tech reviews and the latest in tech news. Double Tap TV airs weekly on AMI-tv, a division of Accessible Media Inc, available at Double Tap TV is hosted by Steven Scott (@BlindGuyTech) and Marc Aflalo (@marcaflalo) with frequent contribution from Shaun Preece (@TheBlurredNerd) and Mitchell Whitfield (@m_whitfield)

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