Double Tap Takes A Break


In this age of 24/7 streaming and endless scrolling on social media, it does feel like retro to say that we’re taking a break for a few weeks and therefore you won’t hear from us until the 27th of May.

That’s right – Double Tap has been on air covering all the big tech stories continuously, and since 2022 we have been on air every single day breaking all the assistive and mainstream tech news the world has thrown at us.

However, it is important to stop and take a breath. So that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Over the next few weeks our podcast feed will be filled with new and classic conversations from the Zero Project Conference, as well as from our new YouTube Channel. Our website, social media and YouTube channel will also be taking a break too.

You are welcome to keep in touch in the usual ways, but remember the team won’t be answering or responding to any messages until we return.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for continuing to support our show, and to the amazing team at Accessible Media Inc that make it all possible.

We look forward to returning to talk about Apple’s upcoming WWDC event, what happened during Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and lots more. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and we will join you again on May 27th.

Love from Steven, Shaun, Laura and Mr F.

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