Double Tap June 25, 2024

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In this episode of Double Tap, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Priest are joined by Carrie Morales, also known as Carrie On Accessibility, to discuss the latest in Google technology, focusing on Android, Chrome OS updates, and the Google Pixel Watch 2.

Carrie is an avid Android user and fills the hosts in on what they’ve been missing out on as iPhone users.

NVDA’s latest update, 2024.2, is also highlighted, featuring new additions like SoundSplit for audio channel separation, quick navigation commands, and enhancements in braille support. The hosts emphasize the importance of supporting NVDA through donations.

Meta’s extension of video recording to three minutes on Ray-Ban smart glasses is another topic of interest. Steven shares his experience with the AI functionality on the glasses, noting its limitations outside the UK and the workaround using a VPN.

The show also touches on rumors about Amazon charging for an AI-powered version of Alexa, sparking a debate on the viability and customer acceptance of such a move. The hosts express skepticism about Amazon’s strategy if they decide to implement subscription fees for advanced AI features.

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