Holiday Episodes

Want to enjoy your fix of Double Tap over the holidays? The good news is that you can, as the boys will continue to be with you right through the festive period

Monday 25th December: Double Tap’s Christmas Day Party

Join Steven, Shaun and the hosts of AMI-tv’s Kelly & Ramya, Kelly MacDonald and Ramya Amnuthan,as they talk turkey, TV and the joys of New Year.


Tuesday 26th December: The AI Dilemma

Steven and Shaun discuss the huge advances in artificial intelligence over the last year, but also discuss the reality of the dangers it poses to society irrespective of the benefits.

Wednesday 27th December: The ‘Other’ Smart Speaker

Steven and Shaun spend the hour with Gregg Hayes from Arizona who talks about how useful and enjoyable the Apple HomePod is as a smart speaker, despite many reservations by the boys.

Thursday 28th December: The Story Of Be My Eyes

The biggest tech news story of 2023 has to be the work done by Be My Eyes in the AI space, but what is the story behind the blind community’s favourite app? Steven and Shaun sit down with CEO Mike Buckley and co-founder Hans Wiberg to discuss.

Friday 29th December: Double Tap Versus That Real Blind Tech Show

In a first for Double Tap, we have teamed up with the guys and girls over at That Real Blind Tech Show, to bring you a mashup episode like never before. Join Steven and Shaun along with host Brian Fischler, Ed Plumacher, Jenine Stanley, Alison Melloy and David Goldstein as they talk about everything up to and including tech.

Saturday 30th December: Meet Vispero’s Matt Ater

In a special episode, Steven travelled to London, England to meet up with the Vice President of Vispero - the company behind popular products such as JAWS and Zoomtext. The pair discuss the work the company is doing to improve its screen reader, along with its work in making in-store shopping kiosks more accessible.

Monday 1st January: Double Tap’s 2023 Tech Review

Steven and Shaun dive into the big news stories of 2023 and share their highlights.

Tuesday 2nd January: The Future Of Assistive Tech With Adi Kushner

With so much focus on Android within braille notetakers these days, one man thinks it is time for a change in thinking. Adi Kushner from Access Mind talks to Steven and Shaun about his product coming in 2024 that will bring Windows and braille together in a more sustainable way.

Wednesday 3rd January: Accessibility In Gaming

With gaming getting so much positive press around its accessibility in 2023, Steven and Shaun discuss whether now is the time for us blind people to really invest in consoles. Joining the discussion are blind gaming advocates Sightless Kombat and Steve Saylor. We also revisit the news from early in 2023 of the announcement from Sony about its new accessible controller for Playstation - the disabled journalist who broke the story is with us.

Thursday 4th January: World Braille Day Special (Live)

Join Steven and Shaun for a special two-hour live episode of Double Tap on AMI-audio as they celebrate World Braille Day with a panel of guests from across Canada and beyond. The episode will be published as a podcast following the live broadcast.

Friday 5th January: Meet Julio Supercharge

Do you think it is possible for a blind person to be a car reviewer? That’s something Julio Supercharge never considered and is currently the only blind car reviewer out there. However, the man behind the namesake has a much bigger story to tell, as he joins Steven Scott in this exclusive conversation.