Double Tap Goes Daily, Blindshell Updates, Android 13 & Weird Monitors

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Double Tap goes Daily from the 1st of September, with the exception of Sundays; we all need a rest! Steven talks through how the new shows will work and what you can expect in the coming months. Listen out from noon on Thursday 1st September for our new weekday editions with Steven and Shaun and our new Saturday edition with Steven and Marc exclusively on AMI-audio and then on the podcast later in the day.

Also this week, the guys discuss how monitors have gotten weird. New styles of monitors that provide double and even triple monitor setups are now available from companies like LG and Samsung, but are these any use to us low vision folks out there?

Also, there’s discussion on the accessibility and usability of the new WhatsApp app on Windows that has just been launched. Steven has put it through its paces and compares it to the recently-released Mac version.

And finally there’s talk of the newly designed and soon-to-be available supersonic jets following the news that American Airlines have bought 20 of them, with no refunds available!

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