Express: Blind People In Space, Calling Annie & 3D Printing

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Today on the Express edition, Steven and Shaun look back on the big stories we covered this week, starting with a review of the main tech stories from Grace Scoffield.

Also, there’s a chance to hear our chat with Jason Fayre on the question of whether 3D printers could be used to print out Braille. There’s another chance to hear listener Lena’s wonderful demonstration of the Call Annie app. And, later in the show, there’s a chance to enjoy our conversation this week with Andy Squires, who is blind and loves the idea of space travel so went along to a course that got him pretty close to space exploration, albeit here on Earth. Listen to his fascinating story today.

And, Marc Aflalo joins us to update listeners on the new Access Tech Live TV show coming to AMI-tv later this year, hosted by himself and Steven Scott.

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