Digital Warfare, Tesla Price Rises and What’s New in iOS 15.4

This week’s Double Tap Canada sees Marc Aflalo in the host’s chair as Steven Scott is off sick. But can Steven really keep away? Of course not…

We kick off the show with the news that Tesla has increased their prices for their entire range of cars. With the recent rise in gas prices, whatever happened to Elon Musk’s dream of everybody owning an electric vehicle?

While Steven is away, Marc takes the opportunity to talk about his excitement for the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series coming to Disney+ in May. Shaun isn’t quite as convinced, but maybe if Marc audio describes the trailer for him he’ll change his mind. With so many streaming services available, is the Star Wars brand enough for Disney+ to get more subscribers?

In more serious news, the hacking group known as Anonymous has declared cyber-war on Russia. They claim they have already disrupted state-run TV channels and websites, but just how effective can cyber-warfare be?

Finally, the iOS 15.4 update has been released, but is there anything new to get excited about? And does it fix any accessibility bugs?