Did the Mac change the world, say no to green bubbles and Anker Soundcore Frames

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Steven, Marc and Shaun return for another hour of news, opinion and debate on the topic of tech. The show kicks off with a listener reprimand for Marc and his apparent love for Elon Musk. Should we be looking beyond the impressive technology of companies such as Tesla and Space X and concentrate more on the effects it may have on other areas of modern life?


Next, do people really judge others by the type of phone they use? Google seems to think that the Green Bubble label given to those not using iMessage could be seen as a type of exclusion or even bullying. Should all messaging services and companies be forced to work with each other, or are people simply being too sensitive? This leads into a conversation on the future of the Internet and the power of the big tech companies that seem to control the majority of it. Does the answer lie with NFTs, crypto and Web 3.0?


In Apple news, on January 26, 1984 – 38 years ago – they unveiled the first Mac computer. Just what effect did this have on the world of computing? Was it purely all about the marketing or did the Mac truly bring computing into the home?


Finally, Steven gives us a quick review of his new Anker Soundcore Frames. Are they good enough to replace his much-loved Bose AR Frames? And just how much would you pay to live on a cruise ship? Shaun seems to be happy to pay any price to have 24-hour access to a buffet…

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