Best of YouTube: Online Dating & Technology Fatigue

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In this episode of the Double Tap YouTube podcast, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece are joined by special guest Fern Lulham to discuss online dating and the experience for blind and low vision people. The hosts and guest explore the evolution of online dating and the ways in which technology has impacted the dating landscape. They delve into the practicalities and challenges of blind people navigating the world of dating apps and websites, and the safety concerns that arise in the online dating space.
The conversation transitions to a discussion about technology fatigue and the challenges blind and low vision people face in adopting new tech products, particularly in the context of Apple’s new Vision Pro product. The hosts share their concerns about the resources allocated to developing products that are accessible to the blind community and question whether the potential benefits of new tech products outweigh the practical use and accessibility for blind and low vision users.
The hosts express their apprehensions about the future of technology for blind and low vision individuals, particularly in the context of spatial computing and VR. They discuss their reservations about the focus on visual-centric products and the potential exclusion of blind and low vision users from the benefits of new technology.

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