Best of YouTube: Double Tap on YouTube, Moovit App & New Mira Flex Shower

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In the podcast episode with hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece, the main topics discussed were the public transit app called Moovit, the new Myra Select Flex shower, and the launch of the Double Tap YouTube channel.
In the first part of the episode, they were joined by Zeev Kabaretti, VP of Products at Move, who discussed how the app helps users navigate public transportation in over 3,500 cities and 110 countries by providing real-time information on transit modes and arrival times. He also highlighted the app’s unique community of contributors, its impact on environmental sustainability, and the use of AI to make public transportation more understandable and accessible.
The second part of the episode featured Susanna Adé, marketing manager at Myra Showers UK, and Robin Spinks, head of inclusive design at RNIB, discussing the development and inclusive design of the new Myra Select Flex shower. They emphasized the importance of accessibility and user feedback in the product’s design process, detailing features such as high contrast surfaces and easy-to-use temperature controls.
In the final segment, Scott and Preece announced the launch of the Double Tap YouTube channel, where they plan to share content related to technology and accessibility. They discussed the potential for the channel to reach a wider audience and provide a platform for community interaction.

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