Be My Eyes Introduces AI-Powered Customer Support

Be My AI and Microsoft

Be My Eyes has pioneered the integration of AI technology into customer service for blind people through a partnership with Microsoft. Their cutting-edge tool, Be My AI, leverages OpenAI’s GPT-4 vision model to offer vivid image descriptions and resolve customer service inquiries with a high degree of success. This innovative service is now available globally via Microsoft’s Disability Answer Desk.

“Our new AI-powered accessible customer service model is producing remarkable results for not only one of the world’s largest and most innovative companies, but also for a community of blind and low vision consumers,” said Mike Buckley, CEO of Be My Eyes. “Be My AI™ is the customer service gold standard for companies that want to assist blind and low vision consumers, and we are incredibly thankful to Microsoft for their leadership, willingness to partner on Accessible CX solutions and their help communicating the benefits of Be My AI™ to other enterprises so we can advance our mission to make the world more accessible.” 

The AI tool not only resolves 90% of calls without human intervention but also significantly reduces the time taken to handle calls. With an impressive customer satisfaction score, Be My AI™ is setting a new standard in accessibility services, making complex tasks like understanding product instructions and managing software issues more accessible for those with visual impairments. This deployment represents a significant leap forward in using AI to enhance the independence and experience of customers with disabilities.