Babcock & Preece Take Over

Michael Babcock takes the hosting chair today while Steven is away, and immediately jumps into tech with a discussion on how to make sure you are always in the frame when it comes to video conferencing on your computer. Shaun talks about his experience with the fantastic Windows app Can You See Me and Michael tells us of a similar app for the Mac called CenteredHead.

After more talk on everything from Windows vs. Mac and browser problems, it’s on to a listener lesson for Shaun regarding his trouble using a liquid level indicator. Just how do you make the perfect cup of tea or coffee, and will Shaun admit to being a secret finger dipper?

Listener Ken also emails us about his recent purchase of the Leaden Wireless Bluetooth MP3 polarized sunglasses. With a price tag of only $15.99, just how do they compare to the far more expensive options out there in the audio sunglasses market?

There’s more listener feedback with a voicemail from Scout giving his opinion on the reasons why people want stand-alone devices such as the Victor Reader Stream 3 and the SensePlayer. But with the prices of these devices creeping close to the cost of smartphones are they pricing themselves out of the market?

Finally, Wayne emails in to share his experiences with sonar mobility devices such as the UltraCane and Sunu Band.

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