Apple Event announced, Bionic Eyes in the dark & The Big Wallet Debate

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Welcome to Double Tap Canada. This week, Steven and Shaun not only discuss all the latest tech news, but also ask the hard-hitting questions, such as do Canadians really live underground and has Steven bought the most pointless bit of Apple tech in the world?

We finally have the official announcement that there will be an Apple Event on the 8th of March with rumours of a new iPhone SE, iPad Air and a new Apple silicon-powered Mac. Of course, Steven is excited by this, but it does lead to some questions on MagSafe charging, the benefits of Touch ID and is there any practical differences between an iPad and iPhone if you are blind?

Next up, it’s listener feedback with some very interesting questions regarding Tim Cook’s $99-million bonus, the possibilities of Microsoft’s new real-time captioning feature for Windows and should you be looking to AMD rather than Intel when it comes to choosing your next laptop?

Finally, we are looking for your feedback on the recent news that bionic eye company Second Sight is no longer supporting the Argus 2 retinal implant. This leaves many of its customers in a very uncertain situation, not knowing where to go if they have any problems with their bionic eye system. How can this situation be avoided in the future?

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