An Alternative To Be My AI & Steven Measures Up

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Today on the show, Steven and Shaun discuss an alternative to Be My AI, the new feature coming soon to Be My Eyes users that will enable people who are blind to identify, get descriptions for, and analyze images. However, while the beta is due to open up to more people soon, you can try the feature courtesy of the new Bing Chat app. Regular contributor and podcaster Thomas Domville (also known as Anonymouse) demonstrates the feature.

Also, Steven has been buying again, but it’s not something with a fruit-shaped logo on it this time. Instead, he bought a talking measuring tape and demonstrates how it works. You can find out more about the device here:

And there’s more of your feedback too, including a comment from Glen in Toronto on how fingerless leather gloves can help while using a mobility aid, and there’s an apology for Shaun from Negative Julian.

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