Access Tech Live CES Special: Part 1


Access Tech Live is a weekly TV show that explores the world of technology and accessibility. Hosted by Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo, two experts in the field of assistive technology, the show features panel guests and features discussing how tech affects people with all kinds of disabilities.

In the first of two special episodes, we being with Kerrianne Haresign, the Senior Director of Technology and Standards at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organisation behind CES. Kerrianne provides insights into what makes CES so remarkable, with its 130,000 attendees, 4,000+ exhibitors, and global representation. She also discusses the exciting new assistive tech trends that have been creating buzz at CES and sheds light on her role in promoting accessibility standards in the tech industry. The segment concludes with a discussion on collaborative efforts to further accessibility.

In the second segment, Dr. Fail Ong, the Founder of GyroGear, joins the hosts to talk about the GyroGlove, a wearable technology designed to help individuals with Parkinson’s Disease reduce tremors. Dr. Ong explains the innovative functioning of the glove, its adaptability to individual user needs, and the user reactions to wearing it. He also provides insights into the availability of the GyroGlove, offering hope for those seeking non-invasive solutions.

The next part of the show features Tim Baltz, CEO and Co-founder of Kalogon, a company determined to disrupt the wheelchair industry with a customizable cushion for wheelchairs. Tim delves into the company’s origins and mission, discussing their achievements and goals for 2023. He shares how experiences from working with companies like SpaceX have influenced Kalogon’s approach to disruption and innovation in the industry.

Nathan Deutsch, COO & Innovation Lead at Lighthouse Tech, takes center stage in the next segment to discuss their smart glasses designed to provide safe and independent mobility for the visually impaired. Nathan talks about the evolution of Lighthouse Tech’s products, user feedback, and the experiences of visually impaired people who have benefited from their technology.

In the final segment, Kat Zigmont, Senior Director of Operations and Deputy Director at the World Institute on Disability, sheds light on their mission of promoting disability awareness and accessibility on a global scale. Kat explains how this mission intersects with technology and why it’s crucial to include accessibility as a part of general technology. She emphasizes the importance of involving the disability community in the development and testing of assistive tech solutions and discusses how CES attendees can be inspired to align with their mission.

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