3D Audio Debate, Latest Narrator Updates & Steven In Hot Water

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

Join Steven Scott, Shaun Preece & Tim Schwartz as they dive into all the latest tech news in this week’s episode of Double Tap Canada.

Following Microsoft’s Ability Summit, Steven wants to talk about Project Tokyo. But, does 3D positional audio have any real practical use for accessibility or is it purely for entertainment. While Steven & Tim imagine this being used with other virtual reality technologies to enable a new level of online shopping, Shaun is unconvinced.

Next, with the latest Windows 10 update bringing improvements to Narrator, just how close is it to replacing established screen readers such as Jaws or NVDA and just what are the improvements?

Finally, we have a voicemail from Tiffany with her experience of the WeWALK smart cane and her tips on buying an Apple Watch.